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Ambient Mics

All live recording by Coldplay since their LeftRightLeftRightLeft Live Album have used our ambience mics in some way or other.

Multiple ambient microphones make the difference between a dry multitrack recording, that we all do these days, and a high level broadcast quality

The sound of the crowd is the energy of your show. 

By taking control of this element, coupled with my knowledge of venues around the world, I have managed to deliver multitrack recordings of my shows that can replace the need for mobile recording studios to track your show for archive or live mix. 

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"I’ve recently mixed (for acts including Coldplay) over 20 live shows for global / national radio or television around the world, as well as numerous live EPs, albums and a live film. Xdb audio have provided the audience mics for each of these shows and it’s safe to say that my crowd recordings have never sounded so detailed and vibrant. I would never now go back to “standard” audience recordings, Xdb all the way…"

Rik Simpson

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