Debuted at a rainy Glastonbury

Pre Orders available: Email for details.

Platypus 1000 Series on its way!!

-Rain Cover-
-Mic Isolation-
-Silver Blanket Sun Hat-

-Isolate Snare mic from HiHat -
-Isolate Toms Mics from OverHeads-
See & Hear Coldplay
Glastonbury - Whitby Abbey - Roundhouse Sessions

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Designed with audio integrity and style in mind.

The premise was always to keep the sound natural, by covering a mic up you are subject to a ‘boxy’ sound.
Making the Platypus 1000 as open as possible and using acoustically sensitive materials helps keep the integrity of the polar pattern and lets the mic breath.
Keeping the mics character & the instruments sound in tact.

The Platypus 1000 is designed with 4 Layer cumulating into 2 parts.

An acoustically transparent meshed material to stop any reflections.
Custom designed base plate with structural integrity and acoustic transparency.

Custom designed upper holding plate acoustically transparent.
Bespoke covers offering isolation, rain or sun protection.

The upper holding plates are interchangeable depending on application:
-Indoor acoustic isolation.
A thin dense layer for acoustic absorption.
-Outdoor rain protection.
A thinker open celled foam designed to disperse rain drops eliminating the ‘plip plop’ of rain drops, this is draped over an acoustic sensitive membrane to channel the water away.
-Outdoor sun protection.
A Silver blanket sun hat!

The base and upper plates are made by Technifast A leading manufacture in precision engineering for over 30 years.
The Platypus 1000’s come with the highest quality Manfrotto Nano arm and clip along with the latest Rycote speed clip, all chosen for there durability and manufacturing excellence as well as style!

The Platypus 1000 comes in 3 sizes:
Small -Toms - Beta98, Josephson e22S, DDrum. 50mm x 110mm
Medium -Snare, HH, Cello - SM58, U47, AKG414. 94mm x 250mm
XL -OH, Double Bass - Large diaphragm Mic. U67, U87. 132mm x 369mm

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